ap Cap-Fun-MA  Strengthens hair roots and controls Hair  Fall And Hair breakage. Stumulent Hair Growth..Treats dandruff, Spilt Ends And Other hair problems and Improves hair lustre and texture. Cap-Fan-MA The Scalp is Healthy by improving blood circulation and helping in Relieving Mental Stress and Insomnia.

IT CONTAINS AYURVEDIC INGREDIENTS: C-F-M vishtindukati vati A proprietary blend of essential Ayurvedic herbs that includes Shatavari, Bawchi, Amalaki(amla), Guduchi, Kutki, Shankha Bhasma, Bhringraj, Arjuna, Shankapushpi, Manjist and Tapyadi Lauh are fortified in these hair fall control multivitamin for a healthy you.
THE ULTIMATE SUPPLEMENTS FOR HEALTHY, THICKER HAIR: C-F-M helps you keep your scalp and hair healthy by improving overall health. These hair growth Capsul are specially formulated for both men and women facing hair fall or dealing with pattern baldness and minimal or heavy hair loss yet help promote hair growth.
BACKED BY TRADITIONAL SCIENCE:  C-F-M  Packed with the goodness of authentic & natural plant extracts, regular consumption of these ayurvedic hair vitamins may help keep a check on balancing and restoring your hair follicles and control hair fall issues.
DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Your daily hair care regimen just got easier. This single bottle provides you with one month of dosage for your authentically sourced hair C-. F-M We recommend consuming two capsules twice a day post meals for 15 days then one capsule. vishtindukadi vati
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS?: These hair growths Cap- Fan-MA may probably take 3-6 months to help you provide healthy-looking hair. But, the results might be seen faster, when these hair tablets are used with the entire Traya’s hair treatment plan
If You Want a Permanent Solution And Full cure please Flow this With Cap-Fan-MA  With Fun-Ma Oil Use
and Use an Intake Of Green Vegetable Like:- Banana, khira, tomato, Orange, Apples, Green Salad EtcCap Fun Ma

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