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Instant Relief from Gas and Indigestion

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HELPS BOOST DIGESTION: micp.in is a traditional Gas-Q xxxp Ayurvedic formulation made from commonly known herbs that help provide quick relief from digestive distress like gas, hyperacdiity, flatulence and bloating. It contains household herbs and spices like Ajwain, Ginger, Hing  Kala Namak  Etc that are also known to help elevate your immunity and energy levels.
EASY TO CONSUME FORMAT: All the goodness of many commonly known herbs has been packed in an easy-to-consume Power form. Known for its digestive prowess such as the breakdown of food, it helps in the quick absorption of nutrients by the body. It may help combat nausea and heartburn occurring due to severe indigestion. For best results, regular consumption is recommended.
GAS-Q xxxpPOTENT COMBINATION OF HERBS: These major medicinal plants of India are rich in essential minerals and vitamins that help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Ajwain is known for relieving any digestive discomfort. Ginger acts as a carminative that helps reduce excess gas collecting in the digestive tract. Hing is rich in fibre and helps with metabolism and easy digestion.
UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY AND GMP CERTIFIED: MICP is a GMP-certified product that is absolutely safe and can be consumed on a daily basis. This product is manufactured by Sm Pvt Ltd. We gather the most efficacious herbs from different parts of India and pour our 15 years of knowledge and skills into making our products. We hold the strongest network of herb growers to source only the purest herbs from indigenous locations in the country.

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